Monday, December 15, 2008


back then the men and women wore makeup. I know weird. the used a powder called kohl it is was used to darken the skin. you know how people use like tan lotion so they can get tanner well that's what they used that for. They used rouge as makeup too. i know what your thinking what the heck is rouge then i figured out from research(boring) they used it for there check in lips. now a days they say lipstick and what ever they call that cheek stuff. wait I got it the blush stuff that princesses wear.( i don't usually wear makeup so that's why I didn't know what it's called just in case you were wondering)So they could see how beautiful they looked(they really didn't look that pretty in my opinion) they had like mirrors made of copper or bronze.

hair styles

If you thought the other stuff was crazy then you wont believe this! you know how the children ran around naked sometimes well they also were bald. I'm glad i wasn't a kid back then. The kids grew there hair out later and wore clothes too so i guess its not as bad.(but still horrible) The men were still bald as adults though. The woman's hair was longer in the new kingdom, but in the old kingdom it was like short. There styles change too. There stuff is sorta like ours i guess.

wealthy egyptians

Some Egyptians wore wigs to show wealth, it was sometimes made of real hair.EW. They also were medallions.(whatever that is) The women would wear white linen clothes the only difference is it is the finest. They would also wear like sandals sometimes but sometimes didn't too.
linen cloth table cloth

egyptian's in style facial hair

did you know that a long beard showed wisdom. Now if someone had a long beard like that people would laugh well at least I would. They thought is was it was personal neglect have any other facial hair other than a beard, and a goatee. i know this isn't very long but in my defense there wasn't very much stuff on that since they don't have very much stuff.

how crazy are the Egyptians

Once you hear this you will think the Egyptians were crazy. The Egyptian men wore like Tarzan clothes, and they though it stylish. They wanted to look nice, but I don't think it worked even though they thought it did. The women wore a little bit better clothes than the men but it was still pretty bad. They wore like linen dresses like I said not as bad as the men's clothes. In my opinion the children were worse. they went around NAKED. Weird right that's just what i thought. Also the Egyptian MEN and women wore makeup. Now a days only the punk rock guys wear makeup.