Monday, December 15, 2008


back then the men and women wore makeup. I know weird. the used a powder called kohl it is was used to darken the skin. you know how people use like tan lotion so they can get tanner well that's what they used that for. They used rouge as makeup too. i know what your thinking what the heck is rouge then i figured out from research(boring) they used it for there check in lips. now a days they say lipstick and what ever they call that cheek stuff. wait I got it the blush stuff that princesses wear.( i don't usually wear makeup so that's why I didn't know what it's called just in case you were wondering)So they could see how beautiful they looked(they really didn't look that pretty in my opinion) they had like mirrors made of copper or bronze.


  1. You have a lot of errors, try caplizating I.
    But other than that you did good voice.
    I could really tell it was you who did the research!

  2. i agree with brie! :) i also liked the way you personalized it!